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Winners’ exhibition and the award-giving ceremony of WORLD COMPETITION FOR CHILDREN’S DRAWINGS 2022 will take place at Art Gallery – Kazanlak, the town of Kazanlak, at 5:30 p.m. on November 22

Iva Curkov, Silver Prize Winner
World Competition for Children’s Drawing 2021

Iva is a wonderful, talented 9-year-old student, who with great persistence and love develops her talent with each new work. Iva has been honored with several national awards, but this is the first international recognition for her.

And I do my best to participate in various art competitions, exhibitions and workshops with my children and together we achieve remarkable results both in Croatia and internationally. Participation in competitions opens up new worlds for children and teachers. I admire the work, the effort and the love that the team of Little Zograff Foundation puts into World Children’s Drawing Competition, initiative which brings together children from all over the world, giving them an opportunity to present their artistic talents and skills.

Helena Šarić, Iva Curkov’s Art Teacher
Elementary school J. Šižgorića in Šibenik, Croatia



The Little Zograf Foundation was established in 2012 by Pepa Boyanova, an artist and a long-time teacher of fine arts, and Ivan Ivanov, an artist-carver, with their common aspiration to make it an instrument through which to pass on their long experience in the field of fine arts, as well as in teaching and educating children to support the development of artistic talents in young artists from Bulgaria and abroad.


For 10 years we have been following our mission to support the creative potential of children and to give talented young artists from Bulgaria and abroad a chance to express themselves. We believe that providing a supportive and stimulating environment for the development of artistic flairs in children is key to the development of their talent from an early age, as well as to their good professional realization later in life.

Since its inception, the Foundation’s team has been actively working to establish fine arts as a fundamental tool for cultivating important skills in children and stimulating their development.


The Little Zograf Foundation supports children from Bulgaria and abroad in their art education, developing their gifts and talents in the field of fine arts, through a palette of activities and initiatives, which includes the organization of:

World Children’s Drawing Competition

Annual award ceremony for the winning children of the World Children’s Drawing Competition

Exhibitions of the prize-winning paintings from the World Children’s Drawing Competition

Year-round art training and courses

National plenaries in fine arts

Creative workshops


Over the years, the foundation has built a wide network of partners, which includes local and national institutions, Bulgarian and foreign cultural and educational institutions, foreign cultural institutes in Bulgaria, artists and artistic collectives, partners from the private sector.