About The Little Zograff Foundation

We at The Little Zograff Foundation know how important the presence of art is in a child’s life. Art expands their ability to interact with the world around and cultivates a new set of skills for self-expression and communication. We also know how important is the early discovery of a child’s gifts and talents and the opportunity to develop children’s talent from an early age.

That is why for 9 years now The Little Zograff Foundation has been following its mission, to be an occasion and to give a chance for self-expression to the children from Bulgaria and abroad through their artistic skills and talent. The activities of the foundation also aim to impose the fine arts as a fundamental tool for cultivating important skills and abilities in children and stimulating their development from an early age.

The Little Zograff Foundation supports children from Bulgaria and abroad in their art education, development of their gifts and talents in the field of fine arts, through various activities and initiatives:

– Organizing a World competition for children’s drawing for 8 years
– Organizing exhibitions with the awarded drawings from the World Children’s Drawing Competition
– Organizing year-round trainings and courses in fine arts
– Organizing summer courses in fine arts
– Organizing national plein airs on fine arts