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With great sadness in our hearts, the team of the Little Zograff Foundation informs you that this year our honorary president and co-founder of the foundation – Pepa Boyanova has left us. As a sign of our love and gratitude to her, as well as respect for her contribution to the development of young talents in fine arts in Bulgaria and around the world, we will share a small part of her life and work. In addition, we decided to present this year and another special award – Special Award “PEPA BOYANOVA”.

Apart from being an honorary president and co-founder of The Little Zograff Foundation, Pepa Boyanova was also a famous Bulgarian artist and a proven teacher of children’s fine arts. He acquired his artistic education in high school … and later in the National Academy of Arts. Pepa Boyanova has organized many solo exhibitions over the years, but she finds her true vocation and mission in the education and teaching of young talents. She dedicated 40 years of her life to this love of children and art. Pepa Boyanova prepared thousands of talented children who took their rightful place in the ranks of the best Bulgarian artists, designers and architects.

And although she is no longer among us, we believe that Pepa Boyanova us a lot, bequeaths us her talent in her works, and in the works and projects of her students. A bow to your bright memory!


The team of The Little Zograff Foundation